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Smile! It's Cricket

Vijaykumar Balasubramanian (

Smile! It's Cricket

During the Genesis 2020 awards ceremony, when asked what they learned from the tournament, little Ranjiev piped ‘Sportsmanship’. I was standing next to Coach Raghu and told him that I’ve never really understood what sportsmanship meant. Having done this for a long time, pat came Coach Raghu’s earthy reply - Sportsmanship is when you are ready to cry inside and let others smile.

Smile! That undervalued trait in a sportsman. Just minutes earlier, it was that quality that dominated my thoughts in a completely different manner.

An interesting passage in the Under 13 finals.
The 12th over. Eagles needing 8 runs to win with three wickets in hand and the Hawks fighting with everything they had. Beyond the scoreboard...

11.3 Rajul S to Aamer K, 0 runs

The ball went right through the stumps - between the middle and leg stump. The bails didn't fall and this scenario was not covered by the rules book. Play got held up. The umpires in consultation with team mentors decided to allow the batsman to continue.

11.4 Rajul S to Aamer K, 0 runs

Aamer smashed the ball towards mid-wicket and Avi Aggarwal got in line but couldn't hold on as the ball popped out of his hands. It will go down as a dropped catch. Groans from the fielding side but they quickly recovered to stop the single.

11.5 Rajul S to Aamer K, 4 runs

As if the previous two balls happened to someone else, Aamer hit a glorious straight drive for the only boundary of the game. It went all along the ground.

The ask was cut down by half.

11.6 Rajul S to Aamer K OUT! CATCH

Rajul who created opportunities with each delivery finally got his man. Aryan who threw himself at the boundary a ball earlier, held on to the skier under pressure.
In all of this, young Aamer never once stopped smiling. He had a big smile wondering out aloud how the bails didn't fall. He had a big smile when he survived with the dropped catch. He had a big smile pleased with his straight driven boundary. He had a big smile when he walked off the field.
#Smile. When you enjoy the game, irrespective of the results, you smile. That too is #sportsmanship I think. What about you?

#Genesis2020 - the start of something big!

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